Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a a new kickstarter hit incoming. We announced it previously. Polish publisher Board & Dice have other famous works, as SuperHot y A4 Quest (review here) or Page Quest. Maybe because that work, we have recieved a demo version to try its mechanics. Let’s take a look.

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a very thematic deckbuilding solitaire

Blight Chronicles
Blight Chronicles


First, this secret agent deckbuilding solitaire let us choose which mission to play. So, an obstacules deck is created thematically. At the beggining an the end of each one, we recieve a narration. At the end is included a decision that would lead us to a specific level. After 7 levels, the game would be over.

Such campaign provokes a feeling of progression. An ever-changing character deck would be with you along those levels. Also, a Suspicious track would grow, approaching the game over.

Blight Chronicles is a less complex deckbuilding than a Legendary game, but it doesn’t mean that is casual or easy.  You will face surveillance cameras, security agents, bad guys or computers ready to be hacked. Once defeated, each of them comes to your hand to be used. Depending on which weapon and tool you get, the adventure would evolve differently.

Blight Chronicles
Blight Chronicles


This solitaire game lasts between 15 and 35 minutes per level. A campaign would be a 7 levels layered with plety of possibilities. You can stop and start again in any moment between levels.


Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is proud of its theme, focusing its mechanics around infiltration. Actually, it delivers an inmersive experience. We should thank that lesser used topics like, this secret agents thing, come to live.


Kickstarter campaign is about to start. Here is its link.And here its Facebook webpage.

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is inmersive as only few deckbuilder games.



  • Deckbuilding game and a thematic feel. Infiltration is palpable in the way we play.
  • Full oof decision game. It hasn’t been expained, but each defeated obstacle has to be incorporated to your hand or use to avoid increasing suspiction. That is a simple decision that will affect your entire campaign.
  • Mini-campaign format is an instant hit. You feel like in a James Bond movie.


  • Mission number is important to know abou replayability.
  • Art taste is divisive.
  • Depending on which equipment you manage to catch, it can be an easier or harder game. That may frustrated some in their first plays, but not who likes to get dominion of the game.


Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker came, and in two days i played seven matches. Seven. And I have 7th continent asking me to start another adventure. This game is addictive and fast. Our Demo version comes only with 5 missions in three phases. It implies that each campaign would have different ramifications. What is more important is that your deck would improves in different ays in each match you take.

Blight Chronicles thematic inmersion and its campaign design delivers a worthwhile experience.

Polish team BOARD & DICE seems to hit the spot again with this BLIGHT CHRONICLES: AGENT DECKER. A fast, inmersive, full of decision deckbuilding Game with diminished luck.

Blight Chronicles
Blight Chronicles

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